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I am Marianne O (yes, 'O" is my last name and is an English translation of my Chinese name.)

I am originally from the Pearl of the Orient and have studied, lived, and worked in Europe, Asia, and now the U.S.

My finance career has spanned merchant banking and investment analysis/management (in mutual funds, institutional accounts, hedge funds), and now we are building our InvestTech to help institutions and wealth managers to build better outcome portfolios aligned with their goals and risk.

I am also involved in a non-profit called 100 Women in Finance and have become a mentor for groups such as GAIN (UK), 100WF, and

Here on Medium, I write about investing, life lessons, health habits, culture, diversity and inclusion, and entrepreneurship. I write about investing for my audience who may not be working in finance. I also want to share relevant life lessons, culture stories, work experiences, and health habits that help me and others to grow and be a better version of ourselves.

Here is my (regularly updated).

I find my daily inspiration and enjoy the supportive community from Medium, a great platform to learn new ideas, share yours, write better, and connect with others!

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Investment mgr, founder (fintech)-sharing wellness, wealth, travel, DEI stories & my journey (entrepreneur) gently and positively. Writes one chart, one idea.